Discount Rewards

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Discount Rewards

Earn Store Credit with Every Purchase!

Elevate your dance experience with Texas Dancer Discount Rewards from Texas Dance Supply! This fantastic loyalty rewards program is designed to give you bonus store credit with every purchase you make. The more you spend, the more you earn!
No obscure points system, just get rewarded with credit rewards directly to your account. 
  • Earn 1% store credit for every $1 - $25 purchase.
  • Boost your rewards to 3% store credit for every $25 - $100 purchase.
  • Maximize your earnings with 5% store credit on every $100+ purchase!
Get rewarded for your passion and shop with confidence, knowing that each dollar spent brings you closer to more exclusive offers and benefits. Join the Texas Dancer Discount Rewards program today and turn your passion into savings!


Give $10 Get $10!

Referrals - Spread the Rhythm, Share the Joy!

Introduce your friends to Texas Dance Supply with a $10 coupon, and when they join the dance revolution and make a purchase, you'll receive a $10 reward to use on your next order. Have ten friends who can't resist a good two-step?

That's $100 in dance-tastic savings!