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About Us


At Texas Dance Supply, we’re proud to bring the best dance apparel and accessory selection and service to our great state. Because dance isn’t just our business. It’s a way of life. We’re life-long dance dads (and moms), so we get it. Our goal is to support you and your dancer in any way we can — in-store and online!


Who We Are


Christopher Durst

Christopher has co-founded a variety of startups in the entertainment, fashion, music, photography, and tech industries. Christopher has two daughters who have competed in dance for nearly 10 years, providing him great insight into the world of dance apparel and accessories.


Will Loconto

Will has quite a diverse background with more than three decades in the music, entertainment, and software industries. A co-founder of several companies, he has practical experience in early-stage and long-term company management, technology, software design and implementation, marketing, and business development. Will is a proud dance dad. His teenage daughter has danced competitively for over 10 years.


Michelle Loconto

Michelle spent most of her life in the retail industry, having owned a very successful beauty supply and salon for 27 years. She’s currently the owner of a wedding photography/portraiture studio. A natural people person, she loves building relationships within the dance community. Michelle’s daughter has been in competitive dance for over 10 years.



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